Poker Wizards
By Warwick Dunnett

Do you love playing poker and just have one simple desire……to make money and be a long term winner?

Or like many players, do you watch some of the people who suddenly become famous and wealthy on TV and say…

If they can do it, why not me?

If so, you are just like many frustrated poker players who have trouble getting a big enough
edge to overcome the rake and earn a consistent income or make it to a final table on TV.

I had the same questions, so I went out and talked my way into one-on-one interviews with some of the world’s
best poker players and summarized 50 hours of their coaching and strategies into one book so other
players can understand and compare their strategies and secrets and be a winning poker player too.

Poker Wizards

“A summary of the most important strategies that make money for the best poker players in the world.”

Warwick Dunnett


The worst ‘sin’ a poker player can commit.
The most important lessons in poker.
Time-tested techniques for spotting liars at the poker table—and everywhere else!
The five must-have characteristics which all great poker players share.
The most common poker tournament errors.
Specific starting hand and post hand strategies.
How to best manage your money for long term profitability.
Their favorite tells.
Hundreds of more pages of pure insights from some of the best players in the business.


Chris Ferguson

Over $7.7 Million in career earnings and 5 WSOP bracelets.

Daniel Negreanu

Over $11.2 Million in earnings, 2 WPT titles and 3 WSOP bracelets

Dan Harrington

2 WSOP titles and $6.5 Million in earnings

Marcel Luske

One of Europe’s best known players with over $3.7 Million earnings

Kathy Liebert

The #1 female money earner in tournament poker. 1 WSOP bracelet and $5.5 Million career earnings

T.J Cloutier

Member of the Poker Hall of Fame, 6 WSOP bracelets and nearly $9,000,000 in career earnings

Mike Sexton

1 WSOP bracelet, over
$3.7 Million in earnings and more than 43 WSOP cashes

Mel Judah

Career earnings approach $3.1 Million. Holds 1 WPT title and 2 WSOP bracelets

Marc Salem

World-renowned mentalist and author on how to read people and detect lies.

Warwick Dunnett

Summary chapter


"Poker Wizards may have changed my poker life.  After only reading the first two wizards I played about 10 hours in Miami and won $1,200.  The book is well written." Congrats, Terry

Love this book. If you play, whether it's a friendly or a smoker, this book can help your game with its insights from the players with the biggest stones. Those guys (gender agnostic) are legends and yet seemingly accessible - if only. Dunnett has done it. Even though I recommend it, I'm tempted to keep to myself and use it for the potential ill-gotten gains from less informed competitors. Richard D. Reilley

"I liked this book and I liked the way it is organized. Basically each chapter is written by a different poker Pro, but the topics covered are the same, so the reader can see how the different approaches work in poker." Ruslan Fazlyev

"This is a nice cross section of various poker pros who have stood the test of time and they offer numerous ideas on strategy and tactics. Most of the advice is geared toward tournament play and many of the authors have published in other places. That said I found the book a good read and the delivery and style of the author made for an easy read. Profiles include Daniel Negreanu, Dan Harrington, Chris Ferguson, Mike Sexton, Marcel Luske and four others. I find it interesting to listen to various pros offer advice on the same game; some very different ideas and yet each has attained a good deal of success over many years using their unique approach to no limit tournaments. There is more than one way to play winning poker and you should find a number of good ideas to improve your game and thinking." J. Robino

"This book is quite a collaboration of great poker minds. I'm not through reading it yet but decided to start with the Ferguson chapter since in my opinion he is one of the most dangerous poker players on the planet with his deep mathematical and game theoretical understanding of the game. Chris always has very sound advice.

Thousands of poker books have been published and I hope to eventually read them all but this one is particularly useful because it contains some very important insights from not one but several of the top pros. And this is quite a group of names! I'm looking forward to reading every last word of every chapter. I highly recommend this book." Dr. Stock



Cardoza Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
6 x 9, 352 pages

ISBN-10: 1-58042-227-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-58042-227-7
Copyright 2008. Warwick Dunnett. All rights reserved